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Find a great selection of silk and lace panties for women at WinterSilks. Shop our wide selection of women’s silk underwear and briefs in neutral colors.

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A friendly place to discuss lingerie and women’s clothing with men who wear it. Click here to visit the He Wears Panties forum!

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Thank you for shopping at Lingerie Diva. We offer over 7000 sexy lingerie items at the lowest prices. You are viewing the Men’s Lingerie page.

Ah, the most accessible, practical and private of all lingerie, panties. Panties are loved by transgendered people, crossdressing men and panty dabblers alike.

Lilysilk only makes premium silk pajamas with 22mm mulberry silk, which is capable of nourishing your skin with great absorption of moisture and great breathability.

Shop a great selection of Panties at OneHanesPlace. Browse beautiful, sexy and comfortable manshorts, hipsters, briefs, and more. Lace and prints too!

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At the House of Silk we pride ourselves on offering one of the largest silk ranges in the world, and all our products are made from 100% pure Silk.

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Men wearing womens panties Why do so many men like to wear womens panties!? I’ve never know anyone to do it but I read so many of those confessions

Why Lilysilk’s Sleepwear?-Lilysilk men’s & women’s silk sleepwear is made from mulberry silk, one of the highest quality silk.-Used in our range of silk tops, pants

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