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Standard Blue Silicone. Our modern and highly flexible silicone hose manufacturing process allows our production facility to cope with a wide range of products and a

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Silicone Hose. At Derby Performance Hose we manufacture and supply high quality Silicone Hose. We manufacture each hose to the highest possible standards, each hose

Huge range of silicone hoses in stock at Hose World.

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Silicone hose, reducers elbows, couplers, Red, Blue, and Black. 1 Million-Mile Warranty on all of our turbo silicone hose coupler products! These are perfect for

Silicone Hose for every project. Tools. Part Search; Price List; Resources; Site Index; Information. Benefits of a Silicone Intake

100% silicone hose for vacuum, coolant, heater, plenum, intercooler, turbo, and supercharger applications.

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Couplers-Reducers – Silicone. Spectre’s silicone couplers and reducers are there to help you connect the different air intake tubes together with ease.

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Straight Hose Straight silicone hose, pressure rated to 220psi. Available in 2 foot lengths, or pre-cut, in either blue (BE) or black (BK).

British silicone hose manufacturer. High quality silicone hose products, car kits, bike kits, land rover kits and aluminum tube

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