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5 natural remedies for cough and cold that really work! Wan’t to get rid of your cold and cough without medication? here are some natural remedies that will work wonders!

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Umashankar M S et al. Int. Res. J. Pharm. 2016, 7 (4) 11 Manufacturing of Lozenges LOZENGE FORMULATIONS The lozenges are aimed to formulate into a stable dosage form

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Popping a throat lozenge to get immediate relief from sore throat is a practice followed by many. But have you ever thought whether or not these tablets really work?

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Have had an awful nights sleep and woken up with a cold and sore throat this morning! Can I take strepsils or lockets or is it just good old paraceta

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We’ve tested ten different varieties of throat lozenges and cough drops available at CVS to determine which taste the best and which are most likely to soothe your

Halls is the brand name of a popular mentholated cough drop. Halls cough drops (categorized as a cough suppressant/oral anaesthetic by the manufacturer) are sold by

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